Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need a permit to place a shed on your property?

Yes, this permit is issued through the Zoning and Development Department.

Do you need a permit to erect a sign?

Yes, the only signs exempt from a sign permit are the ones listed under section 106-3144.  All sign approvals and permits are done through the zoning and development department.

Are trees protected in Unincorporated Beaufort County?

Yes, certain types of trees are protected; you can locate the standards for tree protection in section 106-1846.

Do I need a permit to cut a tree down?

Yes, possibly all tree removal goes through the Zoning and Development department.

Does Code Enforcement handle septic tank issues?

No, septic tank issues should be addressed to The Department of Health and Environmental Control; their number is 525-7627.

Does Code Enforcement handle Building Code issues?

No, Building Code permitting and inspections goes through the Building Code Department, their number is 255-2065.