Human Services Alliance

For the past forty years, quality of life service agencies in Beaufort County have worked cooperatively to best serve the community. This cooperation started in the 1970's with the formation of the Beaufort Youth Council. The Beaufort Youth Council then expanded to form the Human Services Coordinating Council in the 1990's and finally in 2001 into the Alliance for Human Services. In 2004 a group of community leaders introduced a conceptual framework, Together For Beaufort, a community indicators project that would allow all Alliance members to “hitch their wagon to one train” and pull together in the same direction. Years of coordination has evolved into true collaboration where agencies go beyond understanding each other and begin to modify their practices so that jointly they can be more efficient than if they worked independently.

The purpose of the Alliance is to promote and sustain activities that improve the quality of life for all Beaufort County residents by creating coordinated, comprehensive, and integrated systems of human services by:

  • Developing a unified vision of human services
  • Tracking and measuring quantitative improvements in the quality of life in Beaufort County
  • Promoting multi-system collaboration and best practices
  • Providing guidance to public and private funding agencies
  • Educating the public, decision makers, and service providers on trends, issues and needed actions
  • Facilitating mechanisms to educate and link the general public to needed services or assistance
  • Facilitating mechanisms to educate and train human service providers and professionals

The Human Services Alliance is committed to:

  • Promoting and implementing a strength-based, asset-based approach
  • Inclusiveness in membership
  • Leveraging resources across systems
  • Creating cultures of synergy through partnership, collaboration, mutual support and networking
  • Ensuring the flexibility to respond to new or emerging needs
  • Ongoing strategic planning
  • Continuing assessment and development of knowledge and capabilities

Together for Beaufort County (T4BC)

Together for Beaufort County is a community-wide collaborative process to identify and address specific issues confronting the citizens of Beaufort County. It further develops a series of indicators that will allow us, together, to monitor progress as we address these issues. Much of the data to support our claims is obtained from the records of various public and private organizations.  This report will provide a valuable resource for the entire community, influencing development decisions, assisting organizations in their planning, and encouraging dialogue among citizens to bring about community change.

T4BC is one component of the Alliance and consists of community indicators divided across several encompassing issues. Together, we pool resources and address community needs and concerns around issues of economy, education, social wellbeing, environmental welfare, and health & safety throughout Beaufort County. You can view the Together for Beaufort County 2012 Report by clicking on the links to the right. Soon, community members will be able to access data via our new website!

The Human Services Alliance Organizational Structure:

Council of Community Leaders:

This is a group of community leaders that act as advisors and spokespersons for the Alliance and its efforts in the community. The roles these community leaders serve in each of their respective organizations give them the unique ability to effect meaningful change in the community with consideration for the efforts being put forth by the Alliance and Together for Beaufort County.

Executive Management Team:

This is a workgroup of individuals representing the five Together for Beaufort County sectors (economy, education, social wellbeing, environmental welfare, and health & safety). The Executive Management Team meets quarterly, facilitated by the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance Facilitator. These individuals are solicited by the Human Services Alliance to advise the Alliance staff on day-to-day operations based on the current needs of the community.

Together For Beaufort County (T4BC) Coalitions:

A T4BC Coalition is a group of agency and community representatives who have come together around a population or issue to improve the lives of Beaufort County citizens. These groups must agree to abide by the Together for Beaufort County Guiding Principles in order to be considered an official Together for Beaufort County Coalition. Coalitions (and members thereof) enjoy additional benefits, such as subsidized grant writers, expanded support in communicating Coalition services and activities, and further engagement in the Together for Beaufort County process.

How to Join the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance:

Membership may be comprised of any individual organization who is committed to improving the quality of life for all residents of Beaufort County. Membership is completely free. Any agency may complete a Membership Agreement by clicking here and submitting the completed form to Ben Boswell at

Alliance meetings are held quarterly on the fifth Wednesday of the month. Anyone interested can attend these meetings regardless of membership; meetings are free to attend and serve as a great networking opportunity. For an organization to be considered an active member of the Alliance, they must be represented at three of the past four quarterly Alliance meetings and/or regularly participate at appropriate T4BC coalition meetings.

Beaufort County Human Services Alliance Newsletter:  

The Alliance distributes a county-wide weekly e-mail outlining Alliance updates, community resources, trainings, and other opportunities. To sign up for this newsletter, please subscribe here.   

Human Services Alliance Staff:

A Facilitator and an Administrative Manager are hired by Beaufort County to serve the interests of the community.

         Fred Leyda – Facilitator, Director of Human Services

         Ben Boswell – Administrative Manager, Assistant to the Director

         E-mail:; Office: 843.521.3153

The Alliance office is located at USCB in Beaufort (801 Carteret Street) in room 118 of the Sandstone Building (on the corner of Carteret Street and Duke Street).

The mailing address for the Alliance is:

P.O. Drawer 1228

Beaufort, SC 29901-1228

We hope you find this information helpful and informative. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.