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**Beaufort County Fiscal Year 2014 Purchase Orders**

The Purchasing Department serves as Beaufort County's central procurement office for processing the County's goods and services.  Our goal is to provide for the fair and equitable treatment of all persons involved in public purchasing by Beaufort County, to maximize the value of public funds in procurement, and to provide safeguards for maintaining a procurement system of quality and integrity.  The South Carolina Procurement Code requires the County to have a procurement code that is substantially similar.  Beaufort County has developed such a code that governs the expenditure of all funds regardless of source; and details of the code may be found within the Beaufort County Code of Ordinances, accessible by clicking the link below.  The Purchasing Department adheres to and abides by this code:  Beaufort County Code of Ordinances


Mission Statement

The mission of the Purchasing Department is to maximize the value of public funds in procurement, by contracting and management of efficient services, capital equipment, and material investments, while providing a quality procurement system that upholds tenets of integrity, responsiveness, and fairness to both internal and external customers.

Physical Address (click for map and directions)

106 Industrial Village Road, Building 2, Beaufort, SC 29906