2015/20 Text – Section 5.6.40 (Permanent sign types for buildings, businesses and communities) (To permit free standing signs in T4 Districts, subject to certain conditions)

2015/21 Map – St. Helena Island – 10 acres, off Ball Park Road, known as The Leroy E. Browne Center, from T2-R (Rural) to T2-RNO (Rural Neighborhood Open)

2015/32 Text – Six Month Review – Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 (Transect Zone Amendments; Sign Amendments, Division 5.6; Use Amendments: Use Table, Section 3.1.60, Land Use Definition Table, Section 3.1.70, and Specific to the Use Standards, Division 4.1; Corrections, Clarifications and Provisions from the Zoning and Development Standards Ordinance)

2015/33 Text – Section 3.2.100.E (T4 Hamlet Center) and Section 3.3.30.C (Neighborhood Mix-Use (C3) Zone) to Establish a Height Limit of 35 Feet for Institutional Buildings

2015/34 Map – Lady’s Island - 13 parcels totaling 8.75 acres, south side of Sea Island Parkway between Lady’s Island Commons and Youmans Road from T4-HC (Hamlet Center) to T4-HCO (Hamlet Center Open)

2015/35 Map – Lady’s Island – 16 parcels totaling 19 acres, north and south Sea Island Parkway between Gay Drive and Dow Road from T3-N (Neighborhood) and T3-HN (Hamlet Neighborhood) to T4-NC (Neighborhood Center) and T4-HCO (Hamlet Center)

2015/37 Text - Table 3.1.60 Consolidated Use Table Offices and Services, #17. Residential Storage Facility, Addition C (permitted use with conditions) to T4-HC (Hamlet Center)

2016/02 Map - Five parcels in Pritchardville from T3-Edge to T2-R (Rural) and one parcel from May River Community Preservation District to T2-R (Rural)

2016/03 Map – Port Royal Island (Cherokee Farms) – 36-acre portion of two parcels from C3-NMU (Neighborhood Mixed Use) to T4-NC (Neighborhood Center) with the remaining 70-acre portion of the property to remain C3-NMU.

2016/06 Map - Southern Beaufort County - 20+/- acre portion, formerly known as Okatie Marsh Planned Unit Development, on S.C. Highway 170 between Heffalump and Pritcher Point Roads from T1 (Natural Preserve) to T2R (Rural)

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