Information of Interest

The Beaufort County Detention Center was opened in 1992 as a direct supervision operation, the second of its kind in the state. Direct supervision means that inside each general population housing unit, there is a correctional officer on duty to supervise inmate behavior and prevent assaults, destruction of county property, and other inappropriate inmate behavior. The officer oversees the day-to-day activities of up to 64 persons by him or herself.

  • The principal task of the Detention Center is to hold pre-trial inmates: persons who have NOT been found guilty in a court of law, and who have NOT lost their Constitutional rights. In addition, the center holds inmates who have been sentenced to periods of incarceration by various members of the Judiciary.
  • Although normally inmates sentenced to commitments of more than ninety days are sent to the State Department of Corrections, there are two exceptions:
  1. Inmates sentenced by Family Court judges will not be sent to DOC, regardless of the length of commitment.
  2. Inmates sentenced to DOC can be returned here as inmate workers, if they request to come to Beaufort, and the Director decides to permit it. Her requirements for application include:

    • Original sentence can be no longer than 10 years.
    • Conviction for non-violent offenses.
    • Criminal history is clear of violent offense convictions.
    • History of incarceration is free of behavior violations.
    • Clear medical and mental health history.
    • Ties to the community.