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Beaufort County EMS is a department of Beaufort County and serves its community well. Beaufort County's EMS Program began in August of 1974 in Beaufort, South Carolina. The premise of the program was to replace an already existing emergency service operated by several funeral homes with a county operated system of highly trained and motivated paramedic's and to support these medics with the equipment and supplies necessary to handle a wide variety of emergency situations. It should be noted that even its early stages, the program's handling of cardiac patients was to be an emphasized area of effort. 

Today we are a highly trained and a well equipped ambulance service.  In this web site you will see where we work with the community to provide emergency medical care. We have special teams such as the Special Weapons and Tactics Medics or our Bike teams for large events.  We are the hub for the Low Country Regional Medical Assistance Team (RMAT) For disaster recovery or catastrophic events. There are also many state of the art pieces of equipment we have to serve the needs of those in our community we are there when you need us most. 

Mailing Address:  

County of Beaufort, South Carolina, USA
P.O. Drawer 1228
Beaufort, South Carolina 29901-1228

Office   843-255-5368

Fax      843-525-4032

EMS is a Department of Beaufort County Government

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