Forfeited Land Commission

The Forfeited Land Commission is made up of a committee consisting of the Beaufort County Treasurer, Auditor, and Register of Deeds.  Properties with delinquent taxes owed become part of the Forfeited Land Commission when they have been advertised and presented for sale at the annual tax sale and received no bid activity.  At that point, the property reverts to Beaufort County FLC as the legal owner of said property.  The FLC Committee is the governing body with regard to disposal of each property being in the best interest of the taxpayers of Beaufort County.

Properties owned by the FLC can be sold and deeded after the end of their redemption period.  This redemption period runs for one year and one day from the date of the applicable tax sale.  The current FLC property listing contains parcels from both the 2013 and 2014 Delinquent Tax Sales.   The parcels listed under the 2013 Tax Sale FLC heading are available for immediate sale and transfer of ownership as their redemption period has ended.   We are currently accepting bids on the parcels listed under the 2014 Tax Sale FLC heading and if not redeemed, these parcels will transfer to the successful bidder at the end of their redemption period .  Please note, deed preparation and recording fees will be added to all sales transactions.

Should you have questions regarding FLC properties, please contact our Delinquency area at 843-255-2600, or visit our Beaufort office located at 100 Ribaut Road, Suite 165, Beaufort, SC  29902.

Current 2014 & 2013 Listing       Excel | PDF