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The Treasurerís Office is responsible for processing requests to change your mailing address. You can change your address at any one of our office locations or online by clicking here.


The Auditor's Office is behind in calculating 120-day vehicle taxes.  Review the top of each bill and if one is a 120-day notice while the other is a renewal notice, both are due.  Please remit payment to the Treasurer's Office in order to receive your vehicle decal.  If you have any questions, please contact the Auditor's Office at or 843-255-2500.


Select the appropriate Link below to View sample documents & glossary of terms related to the 2014 Tax Bills mailed in November: 

Real Property Tax Bill 

Rental Property Tax Bill     

Personal Property Tax Bill     

Courtesy Notice

Important  Taxpayer Information

If you plan to use your bank's personal online bill pay system, please be aware of the following:
  • Treasurer's office cannot accept electronic transfers from your bank;
  • There is a 2-3 day delay once you initiate bill pay and your bank issues your check payment;
  • There is another 2-3 day delay before your check payment is received via U.S. Postal mail; and
  • Verify that you are using the correct lockbox mailing address for the type of tax you are paying  -  SEE LOCKBOX ADDRESS INFORMATION BELOW.

All forms of payment should be made payable to Beaufort County Treasurer.  At this time, we cannot accept credit card installment payments. Mailed payments will be processed by lockbox, which is an electronic processing system.  To ensure proper processing of your payment, please include on your check:  name, address, phone number, and RevObjID from your bill.   

Lockbox Address Information:

There is a specific lockbox mailing address depending on the type of tax you are paying.  Please verify you are using the correct address by referring to your tax bill.  An incorrect address will delay the receipt and processing of your tax payment which could result in late payment penalties.
 Beaufort County Treasurer
 Property Tax
 P O Box 580074
 Charlotte, NC  28258-0074
Beaufort County Treasurer
Vehicle Tax
P O Box 580081
Charlotte, NC  28258-0081
Beaufort County Treasurer
Installment Tax
P O Box 580072
Charlotte, NC  28258-0072

If you are interested in current property redemption information related to the tax sale held either October 2014 or 2013, you can access the link on the Treasurer's "Delinquent Tax" or "Tax Sale" page.