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Dear Beaufort County Citizens and Visitors,

As Beaufort County Assessor, it is always my privilege to share with you the latest available Beaufort County real property information.  

The 2013 Countywide Reassessment resulted in 8,232 timely filed appeals.  Appeals are reviewed in date order received and our appraisal staff has completed the initial review of nearly half of those appeals filed for tax year 2013.  I anticipate the majority of the initial appeal reviews will be completed prior to the mailing of property tax bills this fall.  Appeal status is updated daily and can be viewed on our county website at .

New Property Tax Law for Active Member’s of the Armed Forces

On March 11, 2014, Governor Haley signed into law H. 3027 – Special 4% Assessment Ratio for Certain Members of the Armed Forces

Active members of the Armed Forces who are residents of another state are considered residents domiciled in South Carolina as long as the member’s permanent duty station is in South Carolina.  PCS orders filed with the County Assessor is proof of the member’s duty station.  Application deadline is before the first penalty date for payment of taxes for the tax year the applicant claims eligibility.

In addition, if a member of the Armed Forces receives permanent change of duty station or temporary duty assignment for at least one (1) year regardless of assignment location or then receives rental income from the property, the 4% residential ratio is retained for as long as the owner remains on active duty.  This does not apply if the owner or a member of the household claims the 4% ratio on another residence in the state.  To receive the 4% ratio in subsequent tax years, the applicant must file, by May 15th each year, with the County Assessor, the Special 4% Assessment Ratio Active Military Affidavit.

Special provisions have also been approved for a member of the Armed Forces who owns two (2) residences.  The member may qualify for the 4% ratio on both homes; however, it is limited to two (2) property tax years.  Under this provision of the law and as noted above, annual filing by May 15th is required in order to receive the 4% ratio in subsequent tax years.

This law takes effect for property tax years beginning after 2013. 

Please feel free to contact me - or any members of my staff - if you have questions.


Ed Hughes

Beaufort County Assessor


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