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SetOff Debt and Collection of Debt 

Recently the Beaufort County Treasurer has sent out over 15,0000 collection of debt notices.  These notices are attempted to clean up delinquent accounts that have not been satisfied according to their records.  As the Auditor, I agree with this notion, however since this office was not included in the process, some of you are receiving unwarranted notices.  I would like to apologize for any troubles that this evolution has caused you and your families.  The Auditor’s office will do everything in its power to help you solve the issues that you have with these notices.  Please understand that we are not the cause of your frustration, and be patient with our staff as we try to solve these problems. 

If your Business Personal Property, FFE, or your Rental account was paid by setoff debt or through normal channels, you have 2 years from the date paid to amend the value according to state law 12-54-85.  Please bring receipts to our office for any request to amend values of the three account types listed above.


   County Auditor is an elected official who is instrumental in the collection of property tax, a large source of revenue for local government, by preparing and maintaining the tax roll.

The primary responsibilities of the County Auditor are to assemble the county’s records of real and personal property and to calculate individual property taxes to be paid each year.

The Auditor prepares the official tax book, which lists the owners of taxable property, the real and personal propertythat they own, and the equalized value of that property. The Auditor provides a copy of the tax book to the Treasurer. This book is the Treasurer’s warrant for the collection of taxes, assessments and penalties.  Both property tax books, held by the Auditor and Treasurer, are called the county duplicate.

The specific duties of the Auditor are spelled out in Title 12, Chapter 39 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. Most of the duties of the Auditor are regulated by the South Carolina Department of Revenue, although some of the Auditor’s activities fall under the regulation of the South Carolina Comptroller General’s Office.

Hours of operation are from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday.  With three office locations to serve you:

Beaufort Office:
100 Ribaut Road, Suite 160
Beaufort, SC 29902
Phone:  (843) 255-2500 Fax: (843) 255-9409 (Fax lines are down)

Bluffton Office:
4819 Bluffton Parkway
Bluffton, SC 29910
Phone: (843) 255-2505 Fax: (843) 255-9487 (Fax lines are down)

Hilton Head Office:  (Closed 1:00 - 2:00)
539 William Hilton Parkway
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
Phone: (843) 255-2510 Fax: (843) 255-9488 (Fax lines are down)

Email address is:

Mailing address is:
Auditor for Beaufort County
PO Box 458  Beaufort, SC 29901

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