2009 Resolutions

2009/1 January 12, 2009
Daufuskie Island Ferry - grant assistance
2009/2 January 12, 2009
Beaufort County and Town of Port Royal - Supporting the sale of the Port of Port Royal
2009/3 January 26, 2009
Beaufort County and Jasper County, on behalf of the Lowcountry Economic Alliance, urging the Legislature to continue to fund the efforts of the Lowcountry Economic Alliance through a Department of Commerce earmark within the 2009-2010 budget and urging the Legislature to also set aside $150,000 earmark for the Savannah River Maritime Commission.
2009/4 January 26, 2009
Requesting the General Assembly consider new legislation that would exempt local governments, who partner with the State for funds, from the requirement that it must accept, as a condition precedent to the receipt and use of state funds, the incorporation of State procurement regulations into local bidding and procurement practices.
2009/5 January 26, 2009
Urging the Legislature to amend the SC economic development criteria so that it is based on average regional wage instead of per-capita income; amend SC incentives qualifications for headquarters relocations so incentives are available as along as a minimum of 10% of corporate payroll is dedicated to headquarters employees who earn two times the state per-capita income; add knowledge-intensive business to the SC Department of Commerce definition of types of business that qualify for state incentives; add a tax credit to the multi-county industrial part program for companies whose new construction meets LEED and Energy Star Standards.
2009/6 February 9, 2009
Alliance Grant Fund Distribution
2009/7 March 16, 2009
Supporting Joint Strike Fighter F-35B
2009/8 March 30, 2009
Authorizing the County to enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Town of Hilton Head Island for road improvements in southern Beaufort County - Bluffton Parkway Phase 5A Feasibility Study $400,000; SC 46 Widening (US 278 to Bluffton Village) $500,000; US 278 Frontage Roads east to Simmonsville Rd. $1,100,000; Simmonsville Road Widening (US 278/Bluffton Pkwy) $500,000
2009/9 April 13, 2009
Fair Housing Month
2009/10 April 13, 2009
Dale Water Extension Project Phase II
2009/11 May 11, 2009
Northern Beaufort County Regional Plan Intergovernmental Agreement
2009/12 June 8, 2009
Complete Census Count Committee
2009/13 June 8, 2009
Investigate / research total runoff volume issue and pursue an update to the BMP Manual that will address total volume as a pollutant
2009/14 June 8, 2009
Develop change to stormwater ordinance that would give the Stormwater Utility enforcement authority to address illicit discharges and other requirements of the upcoming NPDES, Phase 2, Stormwater Permit
2009/15 June 22, 2009
Calling for a public hearing - Fripp Island Public Service District issuance of not exceeding $3 million general obligation bonds
2009/16 July 14, 2009
Emergency Evacuation - Cabin Road on Hunting Island
2009/17 July 27, 2009
Rights-of-way Acquisition Sales Tax Road Projects
2009/18 August 24, 2009
FY 2009 / 2010 Millage Rates - County and Fire Districts
2009/19 August 24, 2009
Construction or Improvement of Sidewalks
2009/20 September 14, 2009
COROC/Hilton Head I L.L.C., owner of Tanger Hilton Head Outlet Center I - size of right-of-way parcel from "2.3 acres" to "2.526 acres"
2009/21 September 14, 2009
St. Helena Penn Center Library Project - CDBG Application $500,000
2009/22 September 28, 2009
FY 2009 / 2010 Millage Rates - School District
2009/23 October 12, 2009
Beaufort County Approving Lease-Finance Transaction by Jasper County on Behalf of the Lowcountry Council of Governments
2009/24 October 12, 2009
Harvey Ewing Family Donation of Eagle Sculpture
2009/25 October 26, 2009
Greater Yemassee Regional Planning Area Study
2009/26 November 9, 2009
Business License Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force
2009/27 December 14, 2009
Shop and Dine Locally
2009/28 December 14, 2009
Water Quality Management - Intergovernmental Agreement - Memorandum of Agreement - Beaufort County and Town of Bluffton