Natural Resources Committee

Mission Statement

  • The Natural Resources Committee reviews and negotiates development agreements with various developers throughout the County to address the needs of the developer and the County concerning the specific development projects.
  • GIS uses computers and software to leverage the fundamental principle of the county’s geography.
  • Land Management advises Council and provides input to County staff on the issues of current planning and development standards. Land Management also advises Council and provides guidance to County staff on the finalization of the ordinances necessary to implement the comprehensive plan. It is also this committee chairman's responsibility to recruit and submit names of candidates for the boards, agencies, commissions, and authorities within its auspices.
  • Real Property Services maintains real property records (land, buildings, mobile homes, docks, swimming pools, etc.); appraises real property for ad valorem tax purposes; responsible for the application process for the 4% and the agricultural use exemption assessment ratio; and is responsible for maintenance of tax maps and initiates refunds as it relates to real property.
  • Water Quality:  Waterways are dynamic systems, ranging from the headwaters deep into our county, to river-mouths spilling into the oceans. Such waterways support a wide variety of plants and animals and are sensitive to environmental change within Beaufort County.  We are committed to preserving and enhancing these natural areas and recognize not only the ecological benefits of protecting our natural assets, but also the social and recreational benefits.

External Responsibilities as Council's Representative:

  • Beaufort/Jasper Water and Sewer Authority
  • Coastal Zone Management Appellate Panel
  • Design Review Board
  • Forestry Commission
  • Historic Preservation Review Board
  • Planning Commission
  • Rural and Critical Lands Preservation Board
  • Southern Beaufort County Corridor Beautification Board 
  • Stormwater Management Utility Board
  • Zoning Board of Appeals