Steven M. Baer

Steven M. Baer (R)

District 10 (Hilton Head Island)
Resigned July 31, 2013

Mr. Baer has a Masters Degree in ElectricalStephen Baer Engineering from Rutgers University. He is married to Sandy Baer and they have two children. His background is in telecommunications research, development and network planning with Bell Labs, AT&T and Bell System spin-offs. Early in his career, he was part of a small team that designed one of the world's first cordless phones. He led groups that did strategic, tactical, and economic planning for telecommunications networks, including assessment and expansion of the telecommunications network in Iran. His career involved study of opportunities at a deep technical level in order to develop and implement new technologies, new services, and improved efficiency. In 1990, one of his team's projects was place into the Smithsonian Museum's Information Age exhibit. Most recently he was the co-inventor of a technical and economic planning system for wireless and broadband networks. He holds one patent.

Mr. Baer was a member of the Board of the Friends of the Hilton Head Library, and was editor and publisher for their Newsletter. He also developed a computer expansion plan for the Hilton Head Library.

He has assisted Beaufort County in video and audio conferencing systems between Beaufort and Hilton Head. He is a volunteer understudy for audio/video for the World Affairs Council, and volunteers in that capacity with other groups. He has organized an "inverse PTA" and helped with volunteer activities at a local senior center. He is an FCC-licensed radio operator, a member of IEEE and HKN engineering societies, and the Greater Island Council. He also writes a column for the Hilton Head Island Computer Club Newsletter.

Term of Office:

  • 2011 - 2014
  • 2007 - 2010