Holidays and Holiday Pay

The following days are observed as holidays for Beaufort County employees:

New Year's Day

January 1

Martin Luther King Day

3rd Monday in January

Memorial Day

Last Monday in May

Independence Day

July 4

Labor Day

1st Monday in September

Veterans Day

November 11

Thanksgiving Day

4th Thursday in November

Friday after Thanksgiving

4th Friday in November

Christmas Eve

December 24

Christmas Day

December 25

1. In addition to the above, employees receive any other days off that are designated as holidays by the County Council.

2. Whenever a recognized holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday is observed as the holiday. Whenever a recognized holiday falls on a Sunday the succeeding Monday is observed as the holiday.

3. For employees who work twenty-four hour shifts, the following governs: When a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the employees who work Saturday or Sunday receives holiday pay for the Saturday or Sunday and not for the Monday or Friday which the other county employees are off.

Holiday Pay:

a. Employees who are scheduled to work, but perform no work on a holiday, are paid a holiday allowance equal to their regular pay without overtime. Employees who are not scheduled to work on a holiday will not receive holiday pay.

b. Employees required to work on a holiday are paid as follows:

Regular employees, including law enforcement, EMS and firefighters, receive holiday pay in the amount of one day's pay, and are paid at the regular rate for actual hours worked on the holiday.