Together For Beaufort County

Together for Beaufort County is a community-wide collaborative process to identify and address specific issues confronting the citizens of Beaufort County. It further develops a series of indicators that will allow us, together, to monitor progress as we address these issues. Much of the data to support our claims is obtained from the records of various public and private organizations.  This report will provide a valuable resource for the entire community, influencing development decisions, assisting organizations in their planning, and encouraging dialogue among citizens to bring about community change.

The Together for Beaufort County (T4BC) process is a community-wide effort to prepare a better future for our citizens. In 2005, public, private and nonprofit agencies, along with interested citizens from throughout the county, teamed up to implement a process to establish clear goals by which progress can be measured. The resulting goals describe aspirational qualities for Beaufort County’s people and families, the communities and the environment we share. Progress toward each of the goals will be measured by multiple community indicators.

We continue to encourage public, private, nonprofit and faith organizations to form collaborations that will address these challenges. Together we can address gaps in the systems, build efficiencies, gain understanding and address our collective responsibilities to the community we share.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Together for Beaufort County provides information about the status of our community and points to a range of strategic issues that, if addressed, could greatly improve our county. By sharing this information we hope to provide a common ground for public, private, and nonprofit leaders to engage the public in a dialogue about how we can work together to address these and other related issues. The first step is to share this information and ask ourselves the hard questions about what causes conditions in our county to get better or worse.

We, as individuals, can educate ourselves through this publication. Through our individual and collective research and armed with knowledge, we can become advocates for community change.

There are several factors about the Community Indicators that should be kept in mind as you study them:

  • The indicators are designed to compare the community to itself over time, not to evaluate the community against progress of other communities.
  • The indicators provide quantitative data from publicly-accessible sources. Some important dimensions to some issues are not included because data is not readily available.
  • The indicators should be an accurate, reliable measurement of the goals that can be understood and accepted by the community.
  • The indicators alone are mere pieces of a much larger picture. They do not, by themselves, explain why trends move as they do or what we should do as a community. They do provide the information we need to begin dialogue and take action throughout the community.

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