Q:  How do I know if a road is private, county, or state maintained?  In unincorporated areas of Beaufort County, you can tell by looking at the street signs.  A private road sign is blue.  A county road sign is green.  A state road sign will have a small black sign attached, usually on top of the stop sign that begins S7_XXX.  

Q:  Who is responsible for maintenance and repair of a private road?  The property owner

Q:  Who do I call if I have a problem with a county road? If you live in northern Beaufort County, call (843)255-2737.  If you live in southern Beaufort County, call (843)255-2821.

Q:  Who do I call if I have a problem with a state road?  Call SCDOT at (843)524-7255

Q:  How can I turn my private road over to Beaufort County for maintenance?  To begin the process, call the Right of Way Manager at (843)255-2694
Q:  I need to have a driveway pipe installed on a County road?  Who do I call?  If you live in northern Beaufort County, call (843)255-2737.  If you live in southern Beaufort County, call (843)255-2821, State road SCDOT (843)524-7255

Q:  Who do I contact for a drainage problem?  For all drainage issues within the unincorporated Beaufort County, please contact the Stormwater Infrastructure Section at (843)255-2802. If the drainage issue is within municipal boundaries please contact the appropriate municipal personnel listed below:

City of Beaufort
Jamie Daniels
(843) 525-7054
Cora Lee Shoemaker
(843) 525-6269    

Town of Bluffton
Ron Bullman
(843) 706-7805

Town of Hilton Head Island
Cary Gaffney
(843) 341-4773

Town of Port Royal
Jeff Coppinger
(843) 986-2215

Q:  Who do I contact for boat landing information?  Call (843)255-2800

Q:  What do I do if I see a Public Works vehicle speeding or driving inappropriately?  If possible, get the license plate number and/or the vehicle number located on the rear of the vehicle.  Call (843)255-2800

Q:  How do Adopt-A-Highway groups work?  A group that wants to Adopt-A-Highway must agree to adopt at least two miles of highway and participate in six cleanups (within Beaufort County) per year. The group is committed for a two year period, then can either renew for another two years, or choose another section of highway if it wants to continue with the program.  Supplies of vests, bags, tongs (for seniors) and gloves are provided.  Call Caroline Jordan, Keep Beaufort County Beautiful, at (843)255-2734.

Groups can also Adopt-A-County Boat Landing with the same commitment.

Q:  Is a cigarette butt considered litter?  When it ends up on the ground and not in a receptacle, a cigarette butt is considered litter.  Partially smoked cigarettes, matches, disposable lighters and packaging are all part of a growing national litter problem.  Under SC Code 16-11-700(C)(1), cigarette butts are considered litter and the “tosser” can be fined up to $465.00 per cigarette butt, or up to 30 days in prison for first or second conviction.

Q:  What do I do if I have questions regarding Solid Waste and Recycling or need information regarding the convenience centers?  The Solid Waste and Recycling website has a lot of valuable information.  If you need to speak to someone, call (843)255-2736.