Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Direct Deposit

 1.         My check is currently mailed the day after it is posted. If I choose to have it directly deposited, when will my payment reach my account?

Your payment will be deposited into your account on the second business day after posting. For example, if a payment is posted on Monday, it will be in your account on Wednesday. If it is posted on Friday, it will be in your account on Tuesday.

2.         If I choose to have my payment directly deposited and return this authorization form, when will the process take effect?

 At this point, we’re trying to get the new system in place.  Once the system is in place, we    should input your information within three business days of receipt.

3.         Will Family Court or my financial institution charge me a fee for this service?

  No, there is no charge for this service.

4.         Will I need to inform my financial institution that I have chosen to have my payments directly deposited?

No, Family Court’s bank will contact your financial institution.

5.         If I receive checks from more than one parent, do I need to submit a form for each parent?


6.         What will happen if my bank account closes?

If your bank account closes, the direct deposit will be rejected.  Once our office is notified of the account being closed we will issue a paper check. There will be a delay, therefore please notify this office prior to closing your account.

7.         If I decide that I no longer want direct deposit, can I return to mailed checks?

Yes, please put your request in writing in the mail, along with a photocopy of your picture I.D., to this office.