Beaufort County Community Development Code

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  1. Brian Herrmann says:

    Are you sure that the max. lot coverage in T3 N should be 30%? That seems somewhat low for a combined overal impervious coverage on a traditional lot.

  2. Heather McDougal says:

    We reside in Heritage Lakes, Bluffton, SC. A neighbor is clearing designated wetlands in our community. We are interested in having a code enforcement officer visit this property which we beleive is in violation of the protected wetlands area. How do we get this process started?

    Thank you.

  3. I own two lots at Hanahan Place in HH. All lots at Hanahan are small. I want to build. I do not see in the covenants (Book2524, pgs. 1164-1193) what is the minimum required easements to the sides and back of the building. Could you please get me started on this inquiry.
    Jose G Vargas
    Columbia, SC
    803 776 4275

  4. Chris DeFranco says:

    Housing Development for Joe Pitts of Ulmer Road Across from the Bluffton Recreation Center.

    Can you tell me if there is a Site GC and who that might be? I also am trying to find out who the Builder will be? I have inquiring Beaufort County subcontractors who are interested in getting work on this location.

  5. Hudson Ingram says:

    What is the specific zoning for Baywood S/D? I cannot read your map online & I cannot find any zoning for this neighborhood. R600 031 00B 0203 0000

  6. Joel Russell says:

    In the T-1 and T-2 zones, does anything prevent a proliferation of single-family development on 1/2 or 1 acre lots (i.e. suburban sprawl). Even gross density limitations as low as .1 units per acre in the T-1 would allow one house on a one-acre lot per 10 acres of land. This is not a natural area. And the higher densities in the T-2 could result in suburban sprawl on 1/2 acre lots. How does this protect the rural character of the county?

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