Passive Park Public Use Plan

Passive Park Public Use Work Plan

The Beaufort County Passive Parks Manager hosted two public listening sessions where the public was invited to share their comments and thoughts about the Passive Parks Public Use Work Plan.  The sessions were held on October 2nd (Beaufort County Council Chambers, Beaufort) and October 4th (Bluffton Branch Library, Bluffton).

Please click here to download the work plan document in pdf format.

Please click here to download the listening sessions summary notes in pdf format. 

New Riverside Regional Park Stakeholder Workshop

Beaufort County hosted a workshop to obtain input from stakeholders on the passive recreation improvements for the County-owned New Riverside and Garvey Hall properties towards the formation of a regional park in the Bluffton area. The public, local officials, and adjacent property owners were encouraged to attend, as well as environmental organizations and ecotourism groups. The workshop was held Wednesday, October 10th, at the Rotary Community Center, Oscar Frazier Community Park, 11 Recreation Court, Bluffton.

Please click here to download the map of current knowledge that was presented at the workshop.

Please click here to download summary notes taken during the workshop.


For more information about the County's Passive Park Program, contact the Beaufort County Passive Parks Manager, Stefanie Nagid, at or 843-255-2152.