Passive Park Program

Passive Park Public Use Work Plan

The Beaufort County Passive Parks Manager hosted two public listening sessions in October 2018 where the public was invited to share their comments and thoughts about the Passive Parks Public Use Work Plan. Please click here to download the listening sessions summary notes. On October 22, 2018, County Council adopted a Resolution to approve the Work Plan. Please click here to download the approved Work Plan.

Passive Park Ordinance

In conjunction with the Work Plan, a new Passive Park Ordinance has been adopted by County Council on December 10, 2018. Please click here to download the adopted Ordinance. The Passive Park Ordinance applies to all fee-simple County owned and co-owned properties purchased with Rural and Critical Lands Preservation Program funding. Please click here to download the list of applicable properties.

Passive Park Facility Rental Policy

On February 25, 2019, County Council adopted the Passive Park Facility Rental Policy. This policy provides instructions, a fee schedule, and an application process for reserving the designated available facilities on the County's passive parks. Please click here to download the policy and application. The policy will be updated as new facilities and amenities become available for public use.

Currently, this policy is applicable to the following facilities:

  • Crystal Lake Park Conference Room 

Passive Parks Open to the Public

Altamaha Town Heritage Preserve

If you haven't visited this 100 acre oak-hickory forested gem, you are missing out! The preserve is located on Old Baileys Road off of Okatie Highway (Hwy 170) in Okatie. This property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994 and purchased by the County in 2004 to preserve the beauty of the forest as well as the historical remnants of a Yamasee village and Colonial-era cemetery. Named for a Yamasee chief, the preserve protects the main town of the Lower Yamasee. The preserve's greatest attribute is its ability to provide archaeological data that has direct bearing on interpretation of the effects of European contact on Native Americans. Important questions regarding the effects of acculturation and migration upon late 17th and early 18th Century Native American life can be answered from data resting just beneath the ground. Amenities include a gravel parking area with a picnic table and interpretive kiosk, as well as a linear trail that traverses the forest to a grassy opening overlooking the Okatie and Colleton Rivers with a concrete picnic table and benches to enjoy the views and bird watch!

Brewer Memorial Park

Brewer Memorial Park is a 1 acre pocket park located at the base of Woods Memorial Bridge on Lady's Island, adjacent to the Whitehall Boat Ramp and Factory Creek Fishing Pier. The park offers a beautiful vista and green space in this urban setting. Amenities include a small gravel parking area, a covered fishing pier/dock, and open grass for dog walking, bird watching, or just simply relaxing by the creek. A new stormwater demonstration project will soon be constructed at the park to help prevent erosion and control stormwater runoff from the highway!

Crystal Lake Park

Crystal Lake Park is 25 acres of forested habitats, salt marsh, and a man-made pond located at 124 Lady's Island Drive on Lady's Island. Initial park improvements began with the installation of a parking area, a covered walkway, a boardwalk, an observation platform on the lake, and the "green" renovations of the Butler marine building, which provides office space for local conservation groups. The final planning phase of park improvements have been completed and will include a trail around the lake, which begins and ends at the existing observation platform. The trail will consist partially of an earthen nature trail and partially of a boardwalk through the forested wetland. Additionally, volunteers have installed a pollinator garden!

The Crystal Lake Trail construction project bids are due May 14th! Any park closures that may be necessary to accommodate construction will be posted on this website and at the park itself. Please contact the Passive Parks Manager for any further questions.

Fort Fremont Preserve

Fort Fremont Preserve is 17 acres of mesic mixed hardwood forest surrounding a Spanish-American War era Fort. Located on Penn Center Road in Lands End on St. Helena Island, the Fort was built in 1898 to defend the Port Royal Sound during the outbreak of the Spanish-American War. The County works in partnership with the Friends of Fort Fremont (FFF) to maintain the site and lead interpretive tours. The FFF lead historic tours at the park and have built a diorama of the Fort as it looked in the early 1900's, which is currently located at the St. Helena Branch County Library.

To facilitate the historic tours and visiting public, the construction of an interpretive center is in progress! Additional improvements will include a picnic pavilion, parking, signage, and structural improvements to the Fort. Due to the historical significance of the property, completion of improvements will take some time to ensure appropriate context and archaeological discovery. Park closures will be occuring. Please stay tuned for updates on park closings and the construction schedule.

The Green

This 1 acre neighborhood pocket park is located in downtown historic Beaufort at King and Pinckney Streets. The park is an open lawn with a mature oak canopy along the edges and is bordered on all four sides by residential roads and homes. There is no parking area and is accessible by pedestrian access only. Permitted uses include dog walking, picnicking, Frisbee tossing, and other low-impact yard activities. Amenities include a few benches, trash cans, and dog waste stations. The property is available for event rental by contacting the Beaufort County Open Land Trust, which all proceeds are utilized for continued property maintenance.

Green's Shell Park

Green's Shell Park is a 3 acre pocket park located on Squire Pope Road on Hilton Head Island. Amenities include a parking area, restrooms, playground, picnic pavilion with grills, and a small basketball court. The park is also adjacent to the State owned historic shell ring and Gullah cemetery. 

Oyster Factory Park

Conveniently located in the heart of Bluffton on the May River at Bridge and Wharf Streets, the 9 acre Oyster Factory Park is well used by visitors and the local community to access the river and is a site for special events and functions. The park connects the community to Bluffton's historic oystering past and preserves a beautiful bluff providing a buffer from the residential and commercial development occurring in the surrounding community. Park amenities include a parking area, boat ramp, restrooms, an open air pavilion, the historic Garvin House, an oyster roast area with tables, and benches. The property is available for event rental by contacting the Town of Bluffton, which all proceeds are utilized for continued property maintenance.

Pinckney Colony Park

Pinckney Colony Park is 38 acres of forested wetlands at the corner of Pinckney Colony Road and Highway 278 near Bluffton and was acquired for wetland and water quality conservation purposes. There is a parking area, picnic tables, and trash cans at the entrance, however no other amenities or trails are provided due to the sensitivity of the wetland habitats.

Whitehall Park

Whitehall Park is 9.72 acres of upland live oak forest at the base of the Woods Memorial Bridge on Lady's Island, across the Beaufort River from downtown Beaufort. Beaufort County is collaborating with the City of Beaufort, the Beaufort County Open Land Trust, and the Friends of Whitehall Park on the creation of a conceptual park improvements plan. The City of Beaufort has agreed to maintain the park property, and the Friends of Whitehall Park will be working closely with the County and the City on volunteer activities and fundraisers. Immediate property improvements the public will notice in the coming months will be routine mowing, solid waste/debris removal, and a temporary entrance sign. Additional information and details will be coming in the future. Please stay tuned for updates as they become available, and thank you for your patience!

Passive Park Planning Projects

New Riverside Regional Park

Beaufort County hosted a workshop in October 2018 to obtain input from stakeholders on the passive recreation improvements for the County-owned New Riverside and Garvey Hall properties towards the formation of a regional park in the Bluffton area. The public, local officials, and adjacent property owners were encouraged to attend, as well as environmental organizations and ecotourism groups. Additionally, the Passive Parks Manager attended a question/answer session on November 7, 2018 at the Haven community.

Please click here to download the map of current knowledge that was presented at the October stakeholder workshop and the November Haven Community meeting.

Please click here to download summary notes taken during the October stakeholder workshop.

Please click here to download summary notes taken during the November Haven Community meeting.

It has come to the attention of the Passive Parks Manger that there is a lot of misinformation being shared by the public regarding the New Riverside Regional Park.  Please click here to download some FAQs about the park planning project.  This document will be updated as new questions arise.  A conceptual plan is currently being drafted and will be shared during various County and Town public meetings once it is ready for further discussion.  In the meantime, if there are any questions, please contact the Passive Parks Manager at 843-255-2152 or

Widgeon Point Preserve

Plans for recreational improvements at Widgeon Point have been completed! A conceptual plan was approved in 2010 and the A&E site plans are completed. The construction bid is anticipated to go out on April 26th! Park improvements will include an entrance sign, a pervious parking area, a bird observation blind, a picnic pavilion, a water fountain, restrooms, and a nature trail. Although the property is currently only open for group reservations, all events and reservations will be suspended during the construction period, which may begin in Summer 2019. Once construction is completed, the property will be fully open to the public. Stay tuned for future updates and a grand opening ceremony!

Wright Family Park

In May 2017, the County and Town of Bluffton co-purchased this property to protect the historic Squire Pope Carriage House and to provide a passive public park on the May River. On November 5, 2018, County Council approved funding towards the planning and construction of park improvements, which will be lead by the Town of Bluffton. Improvements may include a bulkhead on the May River shoreline, walkways, parking, seating areas, restrooms, a catering kitchen, a crabbing dock, a large open lawn area, benches and tables, and lighting. Additionally, the carriage house will be restored. Stay tuned for future updates!

For more information about the County's Passive Park Program, contact the Beaufort County Passive Parks Manager, Stefanie Nagid, at or 843-255-2152.