911 Dispatch

Welcome to the Beaufort County 911 Dispatch Center

Beaufort County’s consolidated Dispatch Center was built in 1989 and is housed in the County’s Law Enforcement Center, within the Government Complex. The center provides state-of-the-art technology and communications capabilities.  The center provides dispatching services for all County and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services and a variety of other public safety agencies.  The Town of Hilton Head Island has its own dispatch center, which dispatches fire and EMS units for the Town of Hilton Head Island. 

During 2010, our center handled 452,695 calls for service (number of calls dispatched for Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement), and handled a whopping 401,489 phone calls (911 and non-emergency lines). We also average a little more than 1,500,000 radio transmissions PER MONTH as well!  We have quite a busy center to say the least.

County Council presents a Resolution in honor of National Telecommunicator’s Week - 2005.  (URL is http://www.911dispatch.com/info/ntw/index.html) Dispatchers LaShawn Jefferson and Peggy Middleton receive a copy of the Resolution on behalf of the Communications Department. They received public recognition specifically for the efforts of the Communications Department in serving and protecting the Community of Beaufort County.

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