Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Animal Shelter offer rabies vaccinations?

    We cannot administer Rabies vaccine because it must be given by a Veterinarian but we do offer low cost clinics each weekend in April.

  • Who do I call for an emergency after business hours?

    Please call Non-Emergency Dispatch at (843) 524-2777. They will contact the on-call animal control officer.

  • What do I do if I am bitten by an animal?

    Please contact DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control) to file a bite report at (843) 846-1030 and seek medical attention for wounds.

  • Where do I fill out a missing/found animal report?

    A missing/found animal report is available at or post on our Facebook page under “Beaufort County Animal Services”.

  • Does the Shelter provide Spay/Neuter program for feral cats?

    The Shelter does provide free TNR (trap, neuter, release). Feral cats are sent out for spay/neuter Monday-Thursday at 8:00am. Please call the shelter for an appointment.

  • Does the animal shelter remove dead wildlife off the side of the road?

    The shelter does not pick up deceased wildlife. Please contact Highway Maintenance (843) 524-7255.

  • What do I do about Wildlife?

    Beaufort County Animal Services is not licensed to handle wildlife. Please contact Department of Natural Resources (DNR)(800) 922-5431 or contact a local wildlife agency.

  • What time can I view the adoptive animals?

    Standard viewing times are Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm (Closed from 1PM-2PM). Also, cats are available at our Tabby House in the Beaufort K-mart shopping center. For more information about the Tabby House call (843) 255-5030.

  • Where can I view Beaufort County’s Animal Ordinances?

    Beaufort County’s Animal Ordinances are available for viewing at (!/sc/beaufort_county).