Mobile Home Requirements


Customers will need to take the following paperwork to the Zoning Office for a zoning permit:

- Three copies of a plat or site plan of the property where the mobile home will be placed.

- Copy of a septic tank final permit unless the mobile home is replacing an existing home.

- Physical address for the property where the mobile home is being placed.

After getting the zoning permit the customer will need to bring the following to the Building Codes Office in order to get a placement permit:

- Title of the mobile home in neww owners name. (Dealers may use bill of sale and title application receipt)

- Two copies of plat or site plan with zoning approval stamp.

- Copy of zoning permit.

- Septic tank final permit. (Unless replacing an existing home)

- Proof of Wind Zone II

- If home is pre-owned, provide previous owners name.

- Impact fee assessment.

Once the mobile home has been placed on the property and set up you will need to get an inspection in order to obtain power. The following will be necessary to get the miscellaneous permit:

  1. An electrical affidavit from a registered electrician or an owner affidavit if the owner plans to do their own wiring.
  2. If the mobile home is in a flood zone before it is placed it will be necessary to get a surveyor to put a benchmark on the property in order to know how high to set the mobile home. Once the mobile home is on the property the surveyor will need to go back and give you a flood certificate to certify that the mobile home and the air conditioner platform is set up at the proper height.
  3. Once the mobile home is ready for inspection call and request an inspection (843) 255-2078. You will call by 4:00 pm and the inspection will be done the following day. The mobile home needs to be open or someone needs to be there because we have to get inside the mobile home. The silver decal and the address needs to be on the mobile home in order to get your inspection. Once the inspection is done and passes we will contact the power company and let them know that the power can be turned on. You will need to get with the power company and apply for power, prior to the inspection.

If you are moving a mobile home out of Beaufort County we will need a paid tax receipt for the mobile home for the current year.