Residential Requirements


Listed below are the requirements for obtaining a residential building permit:

You first need to obtain a zoning permit from the Zoning Department and listed below are the items needed:

  1. Three site plans with the structure located on the site plan giving the setbacks from the property lines.
  2. Septic tank permit or sewer
  3. 911 address

After receiving a zoning permit you would come to the Building Codes Office with the following:

  1. Building permit application
  2. Contractor's name, address, telephone number, state license and Beaufort County Business license number
  3. List of subcontractors with their state and Beaufort County Business license number.
  4. Two sets of building drawings or blueprints
  5. Plans must include HVAC plan (Manual J, load calcs, duct size and layout), Plumbing plan (riser diagram and water supply for fixture unit), Electrical plan (panel location and load calcs), and RES Check document.
  6. You will need to be prepared to pay a building permit fee and if applicable impact fees upon submittal of the permit.
  7. Once the permit is reviewed and entered into the computer, you will be notified to come and pick up the permit