2013 Beaufort Exchange Club Officer of the Year

exchange club 2013

    2013 exchange

2013 EMS Employee of the Year - Gary Taylor

2013 ems employee

Fundraiser for Julie Williams, November 12, 2013 - Fat Patties, Beaufort, SC

Julie Williams

    julie williams_1

    julie williams_4


Paramedics Daniel Byrne, Shayna Orsen, Michael McDonnell, Chris Boltin & Jennifer Cespino participated in specialty SWAT training.

SWAT badge

    swat training columbia

SWAT Training - with USMC, Parris Island

swat pi

RMAT Drill 2013 - Columbia, SC

rmat drill 2013

rmat 2013

2012 EMS Professional of the Year

EMT-I Tommy Pike received this year's award.

Tommy Pike, EMS Professional of 2012


2012 Beaufort Exchange Club Officer of the Year

Crew Chief Karen Morris received this year's award.

Karen Morris, Exchange Club


Bluffton Public Event - 2012 

Paramedic Alec Faulhaber explaining the different pieces of EMS equipment to those attending the event.


Bluffton Public Education

Lt Dan Weekend 3 - 2012

Many thanks to the following individuals who volunteered their time to assist the military veterans visiting Beaufort and attending the Lt Dan Band Concert:  Burton Fire Fighters - Alvin Wilson, Chris Moyer, Robert Davidson; Lady's Island/St Helena Fire Fighters - Lee Levesque, Seth Greer; Jasper County Fire Fighter - David Halopoff; Beaufort County EMS -Michael Capaccione, Joseph Dunkle, Lisa and Carolyn Linker. 



City of Beaufort Fire Fighter Ross Vezin dancing with one of the veterans.


Volunteers participating in the LDW3 event.


Cubes for the Cure - Boston Butt Fundraiser

Cubes for Cure Boston Butt Fundraiser

Cubes for the Cure

Lucas 2

Lucas 2

Lucas 2 on Dummy

Beaufort County Training Officer Julie Williams showing how the Lucas 2 works,
using training dummy to show how positioned when used on person in need.

Sun City Thank You - July 23, 2012

Sun City Thank You 1 

Sun City Thank You 2

Sun City Thank You

Battery Creek Mock Prom Accident - 2012

prom bc 2012_1

prom 2012 bc 3

prom 2012 bc 4

prom 2012 bc 5

prom 2012 bc 6

KidFest 2012

KidFest 2012



EMS 2011 Professional of the Year - Award Ceremony

ems professional 2011

ems professional 2011_1

ems professional 2011_2

Bomb Squad Training

2011 monthly in service training with Beaufort County Sheriff Department Bomb Squad.

bomb squad

bomb squad

bomb squad

bomb squad 


Annual Regional Medical Assistance Team (RMAT) 2011 Annual Training

rmat drill 2011

rmat 2011

rmat 2011

rmat 2011

rmat 2011

EMS Professional Awards Ceremony - 2010

ems prof 2010     ems prof 2

2009 Beaufort Christmas Parade

2009 beaufort christmas parade

2009 beaufort christmas parade

2009 Christmas Parade

2009 Christmas Parade

2009 Congressional Fire Service Institute Award - given to Beaufort EMS & Lady's Island/St. Helena Fire  - Secession Golf Club