Public Education

Programs and Pamphlets for Health and Safety

Beaufort County EMS provides many services for the community it serves. We offer free programs and/or pamphlets to area schools, church and youth organizations and special interest groups.

Some of our recent campaigns include the following:

  • Bike Safety Information
  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Car Seat Safety Checks
  • Cardiac Health Awareness
  • Community CPR Outreach (free or low cost for non-profit groups)
  • Drinking and Driving Prevention
  • Fall Prevention for Seniors
  • Immunization Awareness and Infant/Child First Aid
  • Smoking Prevention
  • Stroke Prevention
  • The Importance of Dialing "9-1-1" 
  • Water Safety

We will gladly present information for career fairs, and give tours of our ambulances and equipment.

Beaufort County EMS frequently has information available for hand-out with our presentations.

Beaufort County also hosts programs such as:

Free Blood Pressure Screening Program

To help promote good health habits and to prevent potentially serious illness, the Emergency Medical Service offers
free blood pressure screenings as a public service at all 11 EMS Stations located throughout Beaufort County. In
addition to the free blood pressure check, residents are offered a card to keep and maintain a record of blood
pressure readings. They are encouraged to take this card with them on visits to their physician for review. The
program started in July 1997 and is averaging more than one hundred BP checks per quarter.

Car Seat Fitting Station Program

In 2005, we  started a monthly car seat safety program. This program gives parents the ability to call and schedule
an appointment to have their car seat inspected and fit tested in their vehicle with their child! We selected a group
of EMT's and Paramedics and provided them with a Safe Kids training course, which is recognized by NHTSA, to learn
how to properly secure the child seat and inspect for defects or recalls. Call 843-255-5368 to set your appointment
up today. We do inspections on the last friday of every month. For more information on Safe Kids children safety
click here

Teddy Bear Program

The Helping Hugs program to is designed help young children who suffered traumas such as fire related injuries,
medical emergencies, or severe accidents. When a child suffers a traumatic experience in which the Emergency
Medical Service Ambulance responds, they will be given a teddy bear. This helps to ease any fear and anxiety they
may encounter, and break down the barrier between children and Emergency Medical Technicians.

Please contact our office at 255-5368 to inquire about a program or to schedule an event.