Bike Medics

The Beaufort County Emergency Medical Service Bike Medic program was developed to solve the need for
a more rapid response at special events that are held within the community. This program will be used at
special outdoor events where Beaufort County Emergency Medical Service EMT's and Paramedics will patrol
on bikes providing quality care to the patient within a matter of minutes and will continue this care until the
ambulance arrives.

Each bike is a mountain type bike equipped with basic life support equipment, which is capable of rendering
critical patient care. The EMT's and Paramedics are in constant communication with both the County E-911
Communication Center and local hospitals via radio communication.

Beaufort County Emergency Medical Service's new bike team is also a wonderful tool for public relations. Being
"out and about" in the crowds allows for a lot of positive interaction with the community and a rapid response to
emergency's in high traffic events.