e-recording Info

Beaufort County currently partners with three companies to process electronic recording, Simplifile, eRecording Partners Network, and CSC. If interested in learning more about how to become a submitter, visit www.simplifile.com, www.erecordingpartners.net, or http://www.erecording.com/

E-Recording Basics:

A Trusted Submitter Agreement must be obtained through the company and forwarded to the Beaufort County Register of Deeds.

SC Recording laws apply the same as with manual recording.

Documents received after 4:30 pm EST may not be processed until the next business day.

Blanks, such as the book/page of a derivation clause, cannot be filled-in by the ROD office.

Indexing Rules: http://www.bcgov.net/departments/Real-Property-Services/register-of-deeds/indexing-rules.php

Remember to enter names in the format: Last Name, Comma, Space, First Name, Space, Middle Initial or Name.

Plats cannot be electronically recorded.

Some Common Reasons for Rejection of a submission:

  • Incorrect filing fees
  • Missing grantor/grantee names
  • Pages out of order
  • Incorrect document type
  • Document missing property description
  • Deed missing DMP number
  • Commas and/or spaces missing or incorrect
  • Image is not legible
  • Missing a witness (2 required on most docs)
  • Notary Acknowledgment is missing
  • Needs a derivation clause
  • Deed is missing Preparation Clause
  • Document is not for Beaufort County