Plat Recording Information

A. General Guidelines:

1. Plats must meet State of South Carolina Standards for Plats & Surveys, and must meet all applicable Laws, Regulations and Standards at the time of recording, and must be complete and accurate depictions of conditions at the time of recording. See County Ordinance No. 95-4.

2. All Plats must be reviewed by the appropriate Planning Agency and be stamped "APPROVED" OR "EXEMPT" prior to recording. County Zoning Administrator (843/255-2170) reviews Plats for unincorporated County properties. All others are handled by the Planning/Zoning department of the Municipality in which the property falls.

3. Original & one Copy required. Should have at least two additional plats the filer may keep. Original Black Line on Bond. No Blue line, Vellum or Mylar. Copies may be Blue Line. Plat size may not exceed 8.5" X 14" if attached to Deed or Mortgage, nor exceed 24" X 36" if filed alone.

4. No changes may be made to graphic and annotative information except by surveyor whose seal & signature appear on the Plat.

5. Composite Plats or Drawings are not accepted for recording.

B. Plats and Graphics as Attachments to Other Documents:

Although not required, indicates the names under which the Plat should be filed in the Index to assist searchers. E.g., Name of Parties for whom Plat prepared, and name of Subdivision/Development.

1. Only Plats which meet County Ordinance No. 95-4 definition may be filed in the Plat Book. EXCEPT, Engineering Drawings depicting Drainage Plans and such, may be accepted if referenced as an “Exhibit or Drawing” and with no reference of it being a Plat and attached to a document. Non-compliant graphic drawings may be filed as a “PNS” concerning SC Statue 56-5-6310. Horizontal Property Regime Floor Plans may be filed in the Plat Book only as an attachment to a recordable Plat.

C. Minimum Information Required on Plats for Processing:

1. TITLE - Purpose of survey, e.g.:

a) Boundary & General Property Surveys
b) Closing Loan/Mortgage Surveys - "For Mortgage Purposes Only"
c) Topographical & Tree Surveys - if meets all survey standards.
d) Property Description Survey (Non-graphic)

2. Location Map or Description of Location
3. State, County/City where property located
4. Name of Person requesting the Survey, or Owner ("This survey prepared for _____________").
5. Date of Survey
6. Graphic and Numerical Scale, including Topo Interval (if topo lines depicted)
7. NORTH Arrow
8. Certification of Surveyor stating "Class" of Survey, e.g.:

"I hereby state that to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, the survey shown here-on was made in accordance with the requirements of the minimum standards manual for the practice of land surveying in South Carolina, and meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for a Class ____ survey as specified here-on; also, there are no visible encroachments or projections other than shown."

Additional State:

9. Notation of existing monumentation.
10. Mortgage Plats must show all man-made improvements (see Part B of S.C. Min Stds. for Surveying)
11. Surveyor's embossed Seal, Signature, Registration Number and Address
12. "S. C. Certificate of Authorization" seal on Surveys performed by or through a corporation, firm, association, partnership or other such entity, except Surveys performed by Surveyors practicing as an individual.
13. Tax District, Map, and Parcel Number
14. FEMA Flood Zone Lines must be annotated