In compliance with applicable laws & regulations, provide a secure, environmentally protective repository for documents entrusted to the department's care. To provide an effective, accurate means of accessing recorded documents.


The Beaufort County Register of Deeds provides the following public services:

1. Record, Index, and Image (microfilm and digital) the following documents:

Land Transactions to include Deeds, Mortgages, Plats, Mechanics Liens, Tax Liens, Financing Statements (UCCs), and directly related documents which establish ownership and/or interest in real property.
Powers of Attorney
Request for Notice of Impending Delinquent Tax Levy
Agriculture Marketing Contracts, Sale of Timber & Mining Rights
Changes in Road Names
Military Discharges (DD-214) - These Doc Sealed from Public access.
Notice of Formation or Dissolution of Partnerships
Articles of Association
Charters for public or private corporations, & professional associations. Partnership Agreements
Bonds for Public Officials

2. Provide related services, such as:
The Register serves on the County Forfeited Land Commission.
Record & Escrow Cash Bonds & other securities related to Liens until released by the Court or Plaintiff.
Provide limited research services to general public via mailed or email requests (, at a nominal charge, and provide walk-in assistance. Maintain on-line, internet accessible records.
3. Ensure that original documents are returned to their rightful owners after processing.

4. Collect all taxes and fees for filings and services as required by law. Maintain accountability for collected monies through application of sound accounting principles. Distribute collected funds accurately and on a timely basis.