A request for service is available (free of charge) to the residents and visitors of Beaufort County. Please complete and send (electronically) the Request for Service Form below or print, complete, and mail this Form to Beaufort County Mosquito Control, 84 Shanklin Road, Beaufort, SC 29906 [Note: all categories marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed; otherwise, BCMC personnel will be unable to process your request for service]. Afterwards, a field technician will be dispatched to assess your problem and/or property, and initiate appropriate action (except on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). Also, you may contact the BCMC office at 255-5800 between 7:30 am – 4:00 pm (Monday – Friday) or leave a message anytime during non -business hours.

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Water Sources

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Salt Marsh
Swimming Pool

Exposed septic system
Roadside drainage ditch
Catch basin (associated with an underground storm water system)
Any water-filled items or containers (such as rain gutters, used tires, birdbaths, buckets, rain barrels, cans, pet dishes, flowerpot saucers, unused boats, cemetery urns, etc.)


Please provide any additional information that may be helpful for the technician assigned to your request

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