In any large mailing to Beaufort County taxpayers, it is common for us to receive returned mail that is returned undelivered. This happens for various reasons such as an old mailing address on file or US Postal Service scanning processes that can cause mail to be returned to us without the attempt to deliver. On September 10, 2013 we mailed 126,245 Beaufort County Reassessment Notices with similar results.

To address this as a public service and to further attempt delivery, a database of returned Beaufort County Reassessment Notices has been created as a method for taxpayers to identify if any Notices mailed to them were returned to us. If you did not receive your 2013 Countywide Reassessment notice enter your name in the box below. If this results in "Returned Information", immediately contact the Assessor's Office so that we can update our information and resend the notice(s) to you.

(NOTE: This form is expecting Last Name followed by First Name. You can do a Partial Search on a Name such as (Smith J) and retrieve all the "Smith's" that have a first name starting with "J")

If your name appears below, contact the Beaufort County Assessor's office at 843-255-2400 or email at:
Owner PIN Mailing Address